Bye Bye Beta Blocker!

No update for a while because there have been no real changes, just a slow, predictable increase in fitness as measured in my last update. But I had a holter test about two weeks ago, which is basically a 24 hour electrocardiogram. I just got a call with the results and all my electrical activity looks great, so I'm clear to stop my beta blocker, hooray! I'm going to be booked in for a treadmill test to give me a new official heart rate range to exercise in, but for now I've been told that the "talk test" is my guideline; I should be able carry on a conversation without unreasonably gasping for breath. I've gotten pretty good at identifying the right 'rate of perceived exertion', or RPE, because I've been exercising at only that one intensity for the last two months, so I feel pretty confident in my ability to get it right. I'll see where that puts my heart rate and power, and check in with that upcoming treadmill test to see how close I got it.