Five Weeks

I haven't posted in a little while because there's really been nothing to post about. It's slow and steady, low drama and low stress. My drain holes are completely healed, and only two little knobs of scab remain at the top and bottom of my main incision. My lung capacity has inched up to 3.7L or so. 

My mobility is a bit better, so I'm able to shower and dry myself without assistance and I can get out of bed by sitting straight up from lying down on my back, not using my hands at all. I've been going for long walks, up to two hours, without perceiving any particular cardio stress. 

I'm still unable to cook properly, which is the main way that I'm still leaning on my wife for help. Slinging pots and pans around, and the force required to chop vegetables are still too much for me. 

The only moderately frustrating thing is that I occasionally find myself with some muscle soreness that I can't really do much about. For example, right now my back is a bit sore, probably from my limited ability to adjust my position when I'm in bed. I know this feeling, and all I want is to do some yoga, I know I'd feel fine after. But alas, I'm not recovered to a point where that is possible, so I've got to grin and bear it. 

And I miss my dog. Klaus is a standard schnauzer, an irrepressible and inquisitive medium sized dog. He gets all up in your business and would, without a doubt, have jumped on my chest and sent me back to the hospital. He's staying with my in-laws in Lethbridge, and he always has a grand old time there, but I miss him and I'm looking forward to having him back here. I start my cardiac rehab program at the Repsol centre next week, which is supervised by physiotherapists, a cardiologist, and cardiac nurses, so hopefully I'll be able to get some more clarity about what is and is not safe for me to do, and maybe that'll give me some clarity about when it's smart to have Klaus come home.